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What about the other Solar repairers?

Other Solar repairers

– Usually Show Up Late

– Charge for Warranty Claims (we give Warranty Claims For Free)

 – Have plenty of hidden fees

As for us, We will…

No Call Out Fee

You don’t pay VRES anything for 12 months if a problem rises in your solar system

Show up on Time

Professionalism is always included at VRES; and we take pride in always being on time

No Hidden Fees

“Hidden fees” are not part of our dictionary.

We’re upfront with all our pricing!

Market leading value for money

Everybody deserves to maintain their solar panels without it costing them an arm and a leg

Not damage your solar panels and roof

The VRES team are trained and qualified to make sure they never damage your solar panels or roof

Request a Free Quote

👉 +61 402 332 008

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